Congratulations to Brigid Mahoney who was recently selected as the newest member of the Hospital of Choice Selection Committee. She is a Human Resource Analyst and law student from Nashville, Tennessee. The Selection Committee meets quarterly and has currently expanded its membership to nine members. Interested parties should send resumes to The Search Committee at

The American Academy on Health and Wellness, Inc. has elected Rick Parr as the new president. Mr. Parr, the founder of the Hospital of Choice Awards, is seen promoting the Hospital of Choice Awards. The Choice Awards are based on the customer service practices and techniques recommended in the Soar to Excellence Program created by the American Alliance of Healthcare Providers. Integra Analytics, Inc. has been retained to independently monitor, evaluate and rate responses in the Secret Shopper program based Soar to Excellence standards. The program not only teaches service delivery procedures, but demands a culture that improves attitudes, self-development, collaboration, communication and teamwork. There is no requirement to complete Soar to Excellence training program in order to compete for the Hospital of Choice Awards.

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The American Alliance of Healthcare Providers offers healthcare systems the performance measurement support necessary to examine customer service progress

AAHCP offers a comprehensive review of available measures and introduces a framework to examine these measures against the six aims of a health care system—safe, effective, timely, patient-centered, efficient, and equitable care.

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